Second module of the Training Course for Climate Action Officers within the OCEAN Project

On 18-20 March, the EOC EU Office hosted online the second module of the training course for Climate Action Officers. The education programme is a major part of the OCEAN project. The aim of the training course is to empower employees of the participating NOCs to drive climate action, including the development of carbon reduction action plans or strategies in their respective organisation.
The second module focused on the role and position of Climate Action Officers in their respective organisations covering topics such as internal and external communications and staff engagement. The interactive online session provided participants with the opportunity to learn from the know-how and tips of their more experienced peers including representatives of NOCs, IOC and IFs, to exchange experiences on the implementation of staff trainings and other engagement activities, and to get the necessary know-how on successful communication of climate and sustainability topics internally and externally.
While the training course will continue only in autumn. Climate Action Officers will have the opportunity to apply their newly acquired knowledge during the carbon footprint measurement process which will start in the coming weeks.