Our ongoing and previous projects
The EOC EU Office is not only the voice of the Olympic movement in Brussels but also engages concretely in the development of certain policy fields.

Thus, the EOC EU Office has had the pleasure to lead several EU-funded sport projects dealing with topics of high priority for both the Olympic movement as well as the European Union. Those topics include dual careers, integrity and good governance, gender equality and sustainability. For more information about our current or completed projects, see Previous and Ongoing Projects.


Olympic Committees of Europe Approaching Carbon Neutrality (OCEAN)

The OCEAN project aims to empower National Olympic Committees (NOCs) to acquire relevant knowledge to measure their carbon footprint and define tailored carbon reduction strategies in order to reduce their carbon emissions and strengthen good governance in the field of climate action.

The OCEAN project will run for two years and half years from January 2023 to July 2025 - under the guidance of the EOC EU Office. OCEAN gathers a consortium involving 18 European NOCs, the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC), and renowned experts from the ├ľko-Institut.

The OCEAN project is a Cooperation Partnership co-financed by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ Programme.


GAMES project aims to improve gender equality in the key leadership and decision-making positions of NOCs by promoting structural changes in the governance, enhancing the understanding on the existing cultural barriers and encouraging the NOCs to work with their member federations to create a sustainable change.

POINTS project

The main objective of the POINTS Project would be to help National Olympic Committees, European Federations and national sport federations in Europe to safeguard the integrity of their sport(s) and to strengthen their governance.

SIGGS project

The general objective of the SIGGS project is to promote and support good governance in sport by providing practical guidance to National Olympic Committees (NOCs) and national sport federations (NFs) on how to implement principles of good governance in order to enhance their governance.

About us

The EOC EU Office is the House of European Sport, representing the European Olympic Committees (EOC), the IOC and other major sport organisations to the European institutions in Brussels.
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