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RINGS project

The RINGS project aims to develop and modernise strategic management of National Olympic Committees (NOC) in Europe. The tools and outputs developed in the project will equip and support the NOCs in their daily operational management and thus improve their governance. 

Single Points of Contact for Sport Integrity (POINTS)

Due to numerous scandals in the past few years related to ethical questions the need for actions in terms of integrity and good governance in the field of sport is obvious.

Regarding governance, the EOC EU Office has taken up this challenge through the projects S4GG and SIGGS, which have provided direct support to sport organisations in order to improve their governance as well as being more efficient and having a more ethical way of functioning.

The involvement of the IOC in the consortium allows the POINTS project to build on the concept of ‘Single Points of Contact’, developed within the IOC Integrity Betting Intelligence System (IBIS) and related to the fight against match-fixing. 

With the POINTS Project, the EOC EU Office aims to adapt and further develop these activities to help National Olympic Committees, European Federations, and national sport federations in Europe to safeguard the integrity of their sports and to strengthen their governance. 

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Support the Implementation of GOOD GOVERNANCE in Sport (SIGGS)

Good governance is increasingly becoming a core topic for sport organisations at all levels. There are plenty of reasons to explain this trend, including the pressure on the proper use of public funds as well as the responsibilities of sport organisations towards their sports and other stakeholders.
Furthermore, it has been shown that investing in good governance leads to an organisation with the right ethical behaviour, more efficiently governed, more resistant to various risks and more effective in reaching its objectives. Therefore, investing in good governance is investing in sporting success. The SIGGS Project was created with the aim to provide specific, tailor-made and practical advice to NOCs and national sport federations on the implementation of good governance. It started in January 2015 under the management of the European Olympic Committees EU Office (EOC EU Office) and although it finished at the end of 2016, the EOC EU Office is still committed to the development and improvement of the SIGGS tool. For more information, visit the SIGGS website
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About us

The EOC EU Office is the House of European Sport, representing the European Olympic Committees (EOC), the IOC and other major sport organisations to the European institutions in Brussels.
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