On 15 October the EOC EU Office invited their partners to a policy update webinar. Following welcoming words of Director Folker Hellmund that shed light onto the busy previous weeks, the team of the EOC EU Office led through all currently relevant policy fields.

Amongst the topics were the European Sport Model and developments in the case of the European Super League. As the Parliamentary Report on the future of EU sports policy is nearing its final vote, the partners were informed about its contents and potential impacts.

Additionally, there was an update about the Council of the European Union Presidencies as the current Slovenian Presidency had just hosted the Presidency Conference on Lifelong Physical Activity, HealthyLifestyle4All Seminar and launch of the European Week of Sport in Bled, Slovenia at the end of September.

Further points on the agenda were the Green Deal with the recently introduced Fit for 55 package and news from ECHA, as well as discussions on human rights at major sporting events.

Concerning the Conference on the Future of Europe, the partners were reminded of how organised sport can actively contribute to shaping the future of Europe. Interested organisations are invited to contact the EOC EU Office for support.

The most recent development concerned the Council of Europe's revision of the European Sports Charter which was driven by the need to "clarify the common features of a framework for European sport and to clarify the values to be upheld in sport".

The policy update webinar closed with an update on Erasmus+ and Preparatory Actions and Pilot Projects in Sport, the announcement of the forthcoming launch of the third edition of the EU Funding brochure and a snapshot of future events and webinars, such as the European Evening of Sport or the Webinars on Climate Change and Safe Sport and EU Funding as well as the Special Competency Seminar and an Athletes' Commission Seminar.

The EOC EU Office expresses its gratitude towards all participating partners and is looking forward to good collaboration in the next months.