The meeting of EU Energy and Environment ministers to arrive at a consensus on the European Commission’s ‘Fit for 55’ legislative proposals to curb the EU’s emissions took place during the course of two days in Luxembourg. 
The Fit for 55 package is meant to drive the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the European Union by 55% by 2030. It is part of a broader architecture under the European Green Deal, which binds the EU to attainment of climate neutrality by 2050. 
Among some of the united common positions from the gatherings was the EU’s renewable energy and energy efficiency targets, EU emissions trading system, land use change and forestry, CO2 emissions from cars and vans as well as the creation of a social climate fund. 
After the European Parliament managed to strike a deal on the same text earlier this month, this agreement among Ministers marks a step for the adoption of the Fit for 55 package. The EOC EU Office will monitor the ensuing negotiations taking place between the Council and the European Parliament closely in the autumn, which will surely be impacted by the imbalances of the energy market caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine 

You can follow the entire proceedings here