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EOC EU Office in Brussels

The EOC EU Office is the representation of the European Olympic Committees in Brussels to the European institutions. It represents furthermore the interests of the International Olympic Committee and other major sport organisations to the European Institutions.

The EOC EU Office’s main objective is to monitor and analyse subjects of relevance to sport at European level. In this regard, it informs regularly its partner organisations about the latest developments at EU level and coordinates meetings, seminars and conferences for its partners. The EOC EU office also creates and compiles publications on EU and Sport issues.

Recognized by the European Commission as partner in the framework of the “Structured Dialogue” with sport actors in Europe, the EOC EU Office is playing an important role as interlink between the Olympic and Sports Movement and the European Institutions. In this regard, the EOC EU Office is especially dealing with the following topics: 
  • Sport governance: Autonomy of sport organisations, specificity of sport, cooperation between sport actors at European level. 
  • Impact of EU law on sport: Internal market issues, competition policy, free movement, taxation, environmental topics. 
  • Financing of sport: Economic impact of sport, gambling issues, EU funding programs and sport.
  • Societal role of sport: social aspects, physical activity, health issues, education and training, volunteering. 
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